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Plein Air Wisconsin--La Crosse Area Plein Air Artists

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7. Members List

Current members of the
La Crosse Area Plein Air Artists

Ash, Jennifer

Brown, Yarrow

Christ, Carla

Croft, Helen

Cuta, Donna

Dayon, Valerie


Decker, Barbara

DeWaard, Ken

Ferguson, Mary Lou


Gasper, Annie

Gilgenbach,  Colleen

Goldstein, Clara


Ann Karen

Gundersen, Joan

Hammer, Nancy Hughes

Hammons, Burt

Helgerson, Connie

Hoyos, Kathy

Johnson, Larry

Kader, Nancy

Klingbeil, Karen

Long, Connie

Lubinski, Sara

Martino, Mike

Martino, Phyllis

Marusarz, Dolores

McDonah, Ellen

Nee, Joan

Nylander, Jeannie

O’Hara, Pat

Phelps, Barbara

Raymer, Linda

Roles, Ellen

Schneider, John


Siitari, Laura

Spreiter, Yvonne

Steine, Linda

Syring, Tim

Thompson, Mary

Zantow, Leslie

Zei, Arlene

Zurenda, Nancy

Contact individual members for information about their work.

Donna Cuta paints Riverfront Park, La Crosse, May 25, 2003.

Any member listed above will be more than happy to hear from you.

Welcome New Members!

We welcome anyone who wants to join us at any of our paint outs, whether you are an expert artist or a raw recruit!
For more information please email Dolores Marusarz at

Dolores Marusarz paints Myrick Park Marsh in oils June 7, 2003.

Please see the "recent and upcoming events" area for news about plein air paint outs and our second annual art fair, scheduled for the day before Mother's Day, 2005.